How to manage hours for employees in BobyClock Application

Step 1) Sign In to BobyClock

Click the following link and then follow the steps below:


If you do no have an administrator account you can create one for free. Press Register Now button and follow the instructions to set up a default organization.

If you have an administrator account, fill the username and password and press sign in.


Step 2) Select an organization

After Sign In a list of organizations are to be displayed. Please select the organization that you wish to manage.


Step 3) Select an employee from the grid

The end user is redirected to the employees page. In this page the administrator can quick add, edit and delete employees. The grid editing is great to visualize many employees and fast to edit most relevant columns. However, because only 7 columns can be displayed in the employee grid, the administrator cannot edit all the information for an employee. To be able to edit more information for employee, the administrator has to select the employee from the grid and then at the bottom of the grid the buttons “Details” and “Employee Time Card” becomes enabled.


Step 4) Edit details of the selected employee

After the employee is selected all the details of that employee can be edited with the “Details” button like in the image below:


Step 5) Edit details of the selected employee and select Web Clock Tab

The administrator can edit all the information about the selected employee. To enable the employee to submit hours select the “Web Clock” tab like in the image bellow:


Step 6) Set employee email to be able to activate web clock.

Choose the time zone of the employee. Since the employee can clock in and clock out from anywhere on the word with the web clock, it is important to set the time zone of the employee depending on location work place. Then the administrator has to set the email address where the employee has the ability to activate the web-clock account.


Step 7) Set employee timecard

After the activation email was sent to the employee, the administrator has to setup the time card. Click the button “Employee Time Card” from the bottom of the screen.


Step 8) Roll Over Time Card

First time when the employee is created the time card has to be created. That is since the employee has a template shift and template pay period assigned. The time card is created according to the settings in the selected pay period template and shift template. At any time the shifts and pay periods settings template can be edited from the top of the menu. The initial creating of the time card is an one time operation for each employee.

Press the button “Roll Over” to create the initial time card of the employee like in the image below:


Step 9) Select current time card to edit

After the first time card is created, the administrator has the ability to edit the time card for each pay period. Select Current pay period, by selecting the row in the grid.


Step 10) Add a new PUNCH IN

Now the current pay period is selected. The administrator can manage punches, pay categories, edit totals and approve the time card. In the Punch Editing tab add a new punch like in the images bellow. In the following use case scenario, the administrator will add 9:00 AM as clock IN and 06:00 PM as clock OUT.

Clock IN – it means the date and time when the employee entered the office to start work and

Clock OUT – means the date and time when the employee exit the office and is not working anymore.




Add a new transaction for 06:00 PM like in the image below.


In the above image it can be observed that the actual 8h working hours are calculated by deducting 1h of lunch from total 9h. This is done automatically by the system from the settings on shift template that is currently assigned to the employee.

Step 11) Add a pay category

Select Pay Categories tab and then select the date, type of pay category and number of hours.


At the lower part of the screen the administrator has a centralized view of all the pay category hours like in the screen below:


The administrator can observe very easy that there are 8h Regular (REG) hours on Sunday and 8h of vacation (VAC) on Monday. The non-regular hours can be edited with a click on the pencil.

Step 12) Edit totals

The administrator can edit the total hours in the Edit Totals tab. This can be done with a click on the pencil on the edits column.




Step 13) Approve time card

This is the final step for approving the employee time card. Once a time card is approve it cannot be edited anymore. However, if you need to edit the time card then you have to unapproved it first.


Step 14) Employee username account activation

The employee will receive an email in order to activate the employee account. The email that employee will receive will look like in the image below.


By pressing the activation button, the employee user name TTEST1L  able to set the password like in the image below:



The user name then can log on with the user name and password that were previously set.


Step 15) Employee log on

The employee can now login into the BobyClock application using the username and password.



Step 16) Employee PUNCH IN

When the employee starts to work it has the ability to click the Punch IN button like in the image below. After the working hours or/and at lunch break, he/she can Punch OUT.



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