BobyClock-280 – Biometric and Proximity Time Clock build for the cloud

Biometric and Proximity Web Time Clock – BobyClock-280


Product Description

BobyClock-280 is a Time & Attendance and access control terminal with incorporated fingerprint sensor and 3’5 TFT display integrated with BobyClock Web Application. Easy to install, and with a modern design, it is the perfect solution for all kinds of installations. The color TFT display offers users easy menu management. BobyClock-280 is based on a platform which allows more memory capacity and plug and play cloud configuration. It can connect to Time & Attendance management software by Ethernet (optionally it can work by Wifi and GPRS), and also operate on standalone mode. For access control, the relay can be connected to lock or external siren.


BobyClock-280 Time Clock

BobyClock-280 is a web time clock build for the cloud.

The main advantages of this new approach is that the terminal is plug-and-play, stand alone and it can be installed anywhere where internet connection is available. That means it has a smart configuration from the factory. When the time clock is first connected to the network it will automatically search for the cloud server, automatically identify the  company based on the serial number assigned, and automatically download and upload the users data and transactions log. All this is happening in stand alone mode without any additional hardware, without any new additional software installation and without any configuration from the time clock. The end user is only unpacking the time clock from the package and plug the terminal to the internet connection and that is all. All the users and the transactions are synced automatically in real time with the cloud server. The BobyClock-280 time clock can also work in stand alone mode. It means if the internet is temporary down for whatever reason it can still CLOCK IN/OUT all the enrolled users.

Bobyclock-280 Cloud Connection

Bobyclock-280 Cloud Connection

Stand alone mode

Working in stand alone mode for a time clock is a tremendous advantage! Compared with the large majority of time clocks from the market where the time clock requires complex configuration and advanced knowledge for LAN configuration this time clock is unique since all the magic happens inside automatically. Some of the time clock requires to set the IP Address manually and this can lead to IP conflicts due to DHCP Server. Other terminals require even a separate stand alone application that runs all the time on a computer that has to be in the same location and in the same LAN with the time clock! Because those terminals are using intermediary hardware connections and are not operating in stand alone mode there are inevitable situations where the transactions log are lost and users are out of sync with the device.

Here is the connectivity diagram for BobyClock-280:


BobyClock-280 Time Clock Connectivity Diagram

As you can see in the above diagram the time clock is connected to the local router as any device like your desktop PC, phone or tablet. The Ip Address is assigned automatically like any device. Once the connection established the time clock is connecting to the internet and web cloud server. After that, based on the serial number that is unique to each terminal, the organization is determined and the transactions and users are automatically synced in real time with the web application.

 Standard Functions

BobyClock-280 Standard Functions

BobyClock-280 Standard Functions

The standard function integrated with the BobyClock web application include: access control, time and attendance, cloud integration, fingerprint authentication, 3.5 inch TFT Color Screen, ethernet, alarm, voice, push exit button and door lock.

Optional Functions

BobyClock-280 Optional Functions

BobyClock-280 Optional Functions

The optional function integrated with BobyClock web application include: RFID (proximity badge), external siren, GPRS (mobile sim card), Wi-Fi, BarCode Reader.


Time & Attendance and access control device;
-Incorporates fingerprint sensor and optionally RFID reader Stores up to 30.000 users and 8.000 templates;
-Stores up to 200.000 log records without PC download. Allows communication with PC through Ethernet and USB port Optionally, allows Wifi and GPRS communications;
-Events management (doctor, personal issues, etc…);
-Time zones, groups and holidays management for access control EN & all European languages (standard texts and voices) included Audio voices (male or female) and text configured by menu Professional firmware with advanced functions as:
> Photo ID (shows the user photo);
> Smartmode (automatic Check-In and check-Out);
> Real-Time (log records communication to server);
> Background image (set company logo or brand);
> Advanced log query management;
> Complete events management;
> Mifare technology configured by menu (Key A/B);
> USB download records (format and data defined by user) Professional SDK (advanced functions);



User capacity 30.000
Templates 8.000
Transactions 200,000


Platform 600
CPU 32bit MultiBio Microprocessor 630MHz
Memory 64M RAM, 256M Flash
Sensor optical sensor
Relay contact Electric lock, door sensor, exit
button, alarm, door bell


TFT Screen 3’5 inch
LED Indicator Red and Green


Oper. Temp 0°-45°C (32°F-113°F)
Oper. Humidity 20%-80%


Power 12V, DC, 1.5A


Comm. Port Ethernet,
Wiegand In&Out

Fingerprint Algorithm

Type Finger 9.0 and 10.0
Identification <=2 seconds
Verification <=1 second
FRR < 1%
FAR <=0.0001%


Available EN & All European languages
Maximum All configured by menu.
Voices Allowed. Standard male and female


Type Buttons keypad
Function Keys 8 defined by user
Events Management Up to 9.999 with description


189x136x44mm (L x W x D)
7.44in x 5.35in x 1.73in
Weight 1.30kg – 2.83lbs


O.S Linux
Applications T&A and AC
SDK Professional SDK

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