Angular 7 good starting point

Have a look for the new Angular programming skills? Then this is the perfect video for the start: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80PWRj_ZU8Zu0HSMNVwKWw Then if you intend to build angular forms then the reactive way is the best: http://jasonwatmore.com/post/2018/11/07/angular-7-reactive-forms-validation-example  

How do I start/stop mysql server?

I found this link for MySQL database: How to start/stop MySql server on Ubuntu 8.04 # To install MySql database: sudo apt-get install mysql-server # To start MySql server: /etc/init.d/mysql start # To stop MySql server: /etc/init.d/mysql stop # To restart MySql server: /etc/init.d/mysql restart # To check the status of  […]

Git commands reset to master

checkout remote git fetch git checkout test glv git reset –hard HEAD git clean -xffd git pull   Or you can use the commands below: git reset –hard # removes staged and working directory changes ## !! be very careful with these !! ## you may end up deleting what […]

Free Online Time and Attendance 3

Bobylog is presenting a new free product called “Bobyclock”. This product is dedicated for Time and Labor Management. This product offers the experience of one of the most accurate and versatile web-based time and labor management applications on the market. Simple to configure, easy to use, and a highly affordable […]