How to manage hours for employees in BobyClock Application

Step 1) Sign In to BobyClock Click the following link and then follow the steps below:   If you do no have an administrator account you can create one for free. Press Register Now button and follow the instructions to set up a default organization. If you have an […]

Free Online Time and Attendance

Bobylog is presenting a new free product called “Bobyclock”. This product is dedicated for Time and Labor Management. This product offers the experience of one of the most accurate and versatile web-based time and labor management applications on the market. Simple to configure, easy to use, and a highly affordable […]

Anti SQL Injection C# without parameters

Today there is a common sense regarding the fact that if you need to protect against any type of attacks from the user input for SQL Injection it is required to use parameters for any SQL commands that are send to the server. This is a very good approach for […]

Registry settings for Windows CE development

In Windows CE image there are a couple of useful Registry Settings that are useful before the deploy of the final image on the device for the end users. Please find below the list of registry settings: Disable FTP: HLM\Comm\FTPD\IsEnabled = 0 Disable WEB HLM\Comm\HTTPD\IsEnabled=0 Disabled SIP HLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\SIP\Dll=”_softkb_.dll” Disable TelNet […]

Remove mouse cursor from Windows CE

When a device is touch the mouse pointer needs to be removed from the screen. This can be done very easy in from Windows API or even from .Net Compact Framework: However, if you want to completely remove the mouse cursor you have to do it from Microsoft Platform […]