We Are Bobylog

About us

We are a dedicated team with extended experience in complete product life cycle:
1)    Software applications design, development and deploy;
2)    Firmware & Hardware embedded design, development and production;
3)    Industrial design and manufacture;

Our main strength is innovation to bring to the light of market superior products.

Currently, we invest in a research and development project that will help us to be on the market with original software and hardware terminals which will mean for us a new success in our portfolio.

The business was started 10 years ago, from the desire to continually perfect our skills into area of high technology where we got the chance to experience the best and intense moments.

We had the opportunity to successfully collaborate with companies from different countries around the world where we learned and evolved to grow together on a competitive market even if the economy with its specific dynamic wasn’t very friendly with us and not only.

Today we address, with great trust, to the companies who want to step forward into this refined and complex IT environment to archive their objectives, that will reflect into a grow of financial and economic profitability.