Industrial Design

Industrial design: concept, prototype, function design, final design, production

Security system control panel with display.
Digital lock for safe

Industrial Design Process are carried out in three main phases


Here we define the main issues related functions. At first our customers receive a total of 15 sketches drawn by hand on the floor plan , develop sketches where various ideas related to functional division of space. Of these 15 sketches we choose three sketches that we will present the 3D form. Once you have set such a discussion should continue , or find a design you like or you like two and then merge the FIA ​​do not like any , or all , according to the conclusions of this discussion continue by defining a concept.


Here we define the main issues related to aesthetics. Once you have a target continue to define the aesthetics of the project. See you in detail what decorations, what type of furniture and finishes will be used eventually meet to see what we should conclude the project.

Final Diary

Here we define the main technical issues . With little trouble adjusting visualization concept and continue by defining technical specifications of the project and final construction . Booklet that you will receive the Final :
One . a result of previous discussions concept represented in 3D simulation image type .
Two . detailed technical drawings , sections, and explosions so that the concept be as well understood.